Please provide all information on the order form.
In the event we have any questions, we will need all phone numbers, especially a cell number.
Refer to manufacturer labels for care. We cannot be responsible for shrinkage or color loss under any circumstances.
Threads are colorfast.
Sizes and colors are based upon availability.
Changes: We will follow your instructions exactly, except when a lettering style or color combination does not look good. Unless you specifically check off the box n changes, we will use our experience and make any changes that will produce a better result.
Returns: We will not deliberately ship a defective item. If you find a flaw or error, notify us immediately, and we will replace or repair the item.  
Processing time is usually 2 to 4 weeks from receipt of order.
Processing of rush orders are subject to additional charges.
Custom Designs can be replicated, so contact us for costs.
Quantity discounts are available, so call for special pricing. 
    Kat 300
Standard price includes one line of lettering and one design that consists of 7000 stitches or less.
Extended stitch count logos are quoted.
Names on Sleeve or left chest is an additional $5.00
Letter styles available: Open Block - Full Block - Athletic Flair - Script - Brody - Zaph
Additional letter styles available upon request.
Letter height .65 inches or less when on the left chest.
Width is approximately 4 inches.
Shirts: For large sizes - XXL add $2 and for XXXL add $3
Jackets and Fleece: For large sizes - XXL add $4 and for XXXL add $6
Caps: Price includes 1 line of lettering or 1 standard design.
Caps get a name or design that fits into 4" wide x 2.25" high.
We ship UPS or US Postal service.
Shipping charges are $6.00
Free standard shipping for orders over $100.00.
Overnight shipping charges are additional.  
We accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MC, Discover or American Express.
Do not send cash through the mail.
There are no COD orders.
ALL prices are subject to change without prior notice.